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Council on Globalisation’s reccommendations on how to internationalise Danish higher education system

The Danish Council on Globalisation has just published a report containing over 330 suggestions on how to strengthen Denmark’s competitive position. One chapter is dedicated to education and how to provide education institutions with a global perspective. The main points put forward in the report are the following:

  • Young people should possess a better understanding of foreign languages and have more insight into foreign cultures and societies. This can be achieved through more teaching to be delivered in English and increased possibilities for business students to do an internship abroad;
  • A higher number of Danish students should have the possibility to be educated abroad, through granting more scholarships, improving the conditions of the stay abroad and establishing grading scales;
  • Danish education institutions should be internationally attractive, through marketing Denmark as a study destination;
  • Denmark should attract more foreign students. This can be achieved by establishing a new quota system for non-EU applicants, distributing more grants to foreign students and targeting cultural exchange grants.

You can read the full report by clicking on the link below (in Danish only. English version to be published soon).

Fremgang, fornyelse, og tryghed