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Council of Europe on higher education and democracy

Josef Huber and Ira Harkavy, Higher Education and Democratic Culture: Citizenship, Human Rights and Civic Responsibility, Council of Europe higher education series No.8, 2008. ISBN 9789287162748. Pages 170.

This book is the direct result of a Higher Education Forum held in June 2006 on the responsibility of higher education for citizenship, human rights and sustainability. This forum was a part of the Council of Europe's long-standing commitment to work in the area of education for democratic citizenship and human rights. It complements earlier work on the public responsibility for higher education and research which led to a recommendation of the Committee of Minister to the member states of the Council of Europe in 2007. If the aim is to work for sustainable democratic societies, the responsibility of public authorities for a high-quality higher education system must go hand in hand with the responsibility of higher education institutions towards the advancement of society.

Council of Europe