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Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action

Hudzik, J. K. Comprehensive Internationalization: From Concept to Action. NAFSA, Association of International Educators, Washington, D.C., 2011. Pages: 42.

This publication explores the imperative of internationalisation in higher education, particularly the emerging idea of comprehensive internationalisation (CI). CI is an organising paradigm to think holistically about higher education internationalisation and how internationalisation is evolving in the early twenty-first century in the United States to involve widening sets of objectives and people on and off campus. This broad-ranging overview was commissioned by the Internationalization Dialogue Task Force of NAFSA. The intent of the publication is to provide a shared foundation for discussion and dialogue, as well as an enhanced commonality of purpose and coordination among the growing and diverse types of individuals engaging with internationalisation. In doing so, it addresses the following key topics:

  • the evolving meaning of higher education internationalisation;
  • expanded goals, motivation, and rationales for comprehensive internationalisation;
  • options for the scope and scale of institutional comprehensive internationalisation;
  • prerequisites for successful initiation and implementation of comprehensive internationalisation;
  • issues, barriers and challenges for comprehensive internationalisation; and
  • moving from concepts and rhetoric to institutional action.
NAFSA, Association of International Educators