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Communicating science: nominees of the Descartes Competition

Science is an art of investigation but also of communication. This is the logic behind the EU’s Descartes Prize for Science Communication, awarded annually since 2004. The competition aims to stimulate public interest in science and distinguishes individuals and organisations who successfully communicate scientific achievements to the public. One of the conditions is that participants should have already been awarded at European and/or national level.

February brought the announcement of the latest nominees for the Descartes Prize. Of the 80 submitted proposals for communicating science, 33 initiatives from 17 countries were short-listed. They propose various communication tools – books, films, multimedia products, among others – and can be consulted at the European Commission’s website. The nominees will compete for 5 finalist and 5 winner places which will share this year’s award of 275 000 Euros. The final results will be known in March 2007. European Commission