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Commission stock-taking exercise on social realities

The Bureau of European Policy Advisors (BEPA), the personal policy advising board to the Commission President, is launching a public stocktaking exercise on social realities. This public consultation aims to generate debate on social realities across Europe, ranging from the role of women in society, to employment and education access. As regard to education, some of the questions respondants are invited to answer are the following:
  • How can educational opportunity be expanded for all and throughout life?
  • How can the number of early school leavers be reduced?
  • How can access to higher education be ensured for the disadvantaged?
  • What are the barriers to continued vocational skills training?
The Secretariat-General of the Commission intends to publish all contributions received from institutional and individual contributors on the Citizens' Agenda website unless the senders concerned have explicitly objected to the publication of these contributions. Comments should be sent to the Commission by 31/12/2007 at the latest. European Commission - Citizens agenda