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Commission communication on teacher education

Following an OECD survey on teaching skills in the European Union, the Commission decided to publish its own report on teaching skills and qualifications. The EU analysis shows that in many member states, coordination between different elements of teacher education lacks coherence and continuity. For that matter, the communication, entitled Improving the Quality of Teacher Education, outlines a common framework for policies to improve the quality of teacher education.

The purpose of this communication is to propose a shared reflection about actions that can be taken at member state level, implementing the 2004 joint interim report of the Council and the Commission on the Common European Principles for Teacher Competences and Qualifications that describe teacher’s line of work as:

  • a well-qualified profession: all teachers must be graduates from higher education institutions
  • a profession of lifelong learners: teachers are supported to continue their professional development throughout their careers
  • a mobile profession: mobility is a central component of initial and continuing teacher education programmes

The Commission will seek to take forward these proposals within the Education and Training 2010 Programme, working with the Teachers and Trainers Cluster of Member State Experts. The European Parliament and the Council will reply to the issues outlined in this communication in the coming months. In the same line, the Commission has launched a public consultation on "Schools for the 21st century" to identify those aspects of school education on which joint action at European Union level could be effective in supporting member states in the modernisation of their systems. The consultation will be open until 15 October 2007.

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