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Colleges at the Crossroads – Taking Sides on Contested Issues

J. L. DeVitis and P. A. Sasso, Colleges at the Crossroads - Taking Sides on Contested Issues, Peter Lang 2018, 524 pages, ISBN: 9781433134227 

Focusing on crucial issues in higher education, this book challenges readers to go beyond taken-for-granted assumptions about America’s colleges and universities and instead critically examine important questions facing them in today’s troubled world. Each chapter presents divergent perspectives, that is, "pro" and "con" views, in the hope of stimulating reasoned dialogue among students, faculty, administrators, and the public at large. Readers can explore how internal factors in the academic community often interact with external social, economic, and political influences to produce conflictual results. The book urges them to transcend strident political persuasion and instead engage in the careful analysis needed to make colleges better.

The text provides in-depth appraisal of key topics of controversy: the purposes of higher education, liberal education, academic freedom, political correctness, tenure, shared governance, faculty workload, admissions tests, student learning, Greek life, the worth of college, equity and social justice, athletics, student entitlement, technology and distance instruction, and college amenities. The book is addressed to students, faculty, staff, and all those interested in the future of higher education. It is presented as also being of value for courses in contemporary issues in higher education, foundations of higher education, higher education and society, college student development, and the organisation and administration of higher education.