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CMEPIUS: New publication and events

"The economic effects of Erasmus+ on the Slovenian economy" study CMEPIUS commissioned this year from the Institute of Advanced Studies (IHS) in Vienna has been presented numerous times, also at the ACA conference “Engaged University” in Bled. The study revealed, among other things, that in 2018 international exchanges generated 194 jobs in Slovenia, 47 of them directly in the education sector, while the fiscal revenues add up to EUR 3.1 million in taxes and social insurance contributions. Gross value added was EUR 7.8 million.

In the meanwhile, during these autumn months CMEPIUS is coordinating quite a few activities on the topic of internationalisation of higher education. We started with ACAs’ researcher Queenie K.H. Lam and her detailed presentation of the methodology used and the results presented in the “Comparative market analysis report: Towards a data driven strategy for the internationalization of Slovenian higher education”. The seminar provided the needed space for discussion of higher education and ministries representatives’ on the possible use of data acquired and to set the next steps in the exercise.

Two Slovenian universities started individualised coaching activities in the area of strategic internationalisation coordinated by the expert dr. Fiona Hunter. And in the following weeks Slovenian higher education institutions will have the opportunity to learn more about educational systems in African regions and possibilities for cooperation with their institutions from dr. James Otieno Jowi from ANIE network with the aim to improve absorption of Erasmus+ funds for the region.