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CLOSING SOON: Call for Proposals: H2020-GARRI-2015-1 – Call for Developing Governance for the Advancement of Responsible Research and Innovation

This Call includes two different topics:
  • GARRI-4-2015: Innovative approach to release and disseminate research results and measure their impact: From working on the public release of research results to evaluating their impact, the proposals shall seek in particular to examine how peer-review develops outside of traditional methods and support it, and how indicators and bibliometrics are adequate for different types of needs and promote them. With open access expanding beyond scientific articles to encompass data, monographs and books, it needs to be seen whether current methods of review and measurement of impact remain practical and relevant, or whether more innovative practices are needed, and how.
  • GARRI-9-2015: Estimating the costs of research misconduct and the socio-economic benefit of research integrity: Accurate estimates of the social and economic impact of research integrity are difficult to ascertain. They range from tabulations of actual personnel and legal costs involved in adjudication procedures for selected misconduct cases, to attempts of pricing reputation loss through stock price decline. In addition to the above, and on the basis of selected cases, the proposed study will examine the possibility of devising an appropriate methodology in order to be able to calculate the cost of the various impacts of research misconduct.
Deadline: 16 September 2015
Total budget: EUR 5.5 million
More information on GARRI-4-2015
More information on GARRI-9-2015