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CIMO: Two publications on the internationalisation of higher education in Finland

CIMO has recently released two new publications on higher education.

The first is based on the Global Mindedness survey, a pioneering study measuring how international experiences impact on students' attitudes and “engagement with difference”. Commissioned by CIMO and launched in 2013, the survey is the product of a research team led by Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Professor of Global Education, University of Oulu. The new publication, titled “Facts Express 1b/2015: Do mobility periods change students' attitudes?” presents the first findings of the survey and suggests different ways of reading the results. It can be downloadedThe other recent publication, titled “Facts Express 2b/2015: What is the cost of education of international students?” provides perspectives and a framework for further studies on the widely debated theme of the economic impact of international students in Finland. These are based on an analysis by VATT (the Institute for Economic Research in Finland) that was commissioned by CIMO and focuses on the economic impact during students' time of studies. The publication can be downloaded Facts Express 1b/2015
Facts Express 2b/2015