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Chinese Students, Learning Cultures and Overseas Study

Lihong Wang. Chinese Students, Learning Cultures and Overseas Study. Palgrave Macmillan, September 2015. ISBN 9781137496584. Pages: 256. 

This book focuses on the phenomenon of Chinese postgraduate students studying abroad and depicts their learning trajectory as they adjust to a new culture of teaching and learning in a new environment. Using an example of students at a British university suggestions are made about how they make adjustments, emotionally, cognitively, and behaviourally, in order to make their learning successful, with the result of changes and developments in their conceptions and beliefs about knowing and learning. It draws together understanding from the fields of intercultural adaptation theories, tertiary students' conceptions of learning research, and the interface of culture and learning, that is, cultures of learning, to explore the impact of studying abroad on students' intellectual development and personal growth so as to inform current international and intercultural education.