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China curbs production of doctorates

According to the China View the Chinese education minister has decided to slow down the expansion of Chinese doctoral education. China produced about 50,000 Ph.D.s in 2006 and it is assumed that the number has increased to over 60,000 in 2007. In other countries these doctors go to institutions of higher learning and research, and an increasing number to the private sector. In China over half of all Ph.D.s go to government positions. According to the ministry, considering that these doctors are educated at the expense of the tax payers, it is a waste to produce so many for non-academic institutions.

China View quotes Yang Yuliang, who heads the office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, saying ”…the ministry is going to keep the doctoral program admission growth rate under two percent each year while setting aside more resources to professional graduate training, such as masters of business administration, law and education.” 

In 1983 China produced 19 Ph.D.s and a too rapid expansion of doctoral programs is suspected to undermine quality. Professors often supervise dozens of candidates at the same time.

China View