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China appoints new minister of education

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee has this July announced the appointment of its new Minister of Education. Chen Boasheng has taken over the post from preceding education minster Yuan Guiren. The handover of china’s powerful position of Education Minister was stated to have come in force due to retirement reasons, Yuan Guiren stepping down at the age of 65.  Former minister Yuan led a strong position on keeping Chinese Higher education tightly knit and insulated from western ideas and ideals. The new minister is anticipated to continue to strengthen this rhetoric legacy.  Before taking the post of education minister he held the position of Party chief of Chinese Academy of Governance.  Boasheng’s background in the central/Communist party school, where he used to work closely with president Xi Jinping, underpins apprehensions that there will be stronger ideological control in institutions and his appointment rather came as a surprise to China’s higher education community. The State Council/The Peoples Republic of China – Press release
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