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Charting the way towards comprehensive mobility: ACA event on 8 September

Inclusionsustainability and digitalisation are among the top policy priorities for mobility that have been known and debated in the sector for the past three years. While many higher education institutions across Europe are about to develop their institutional strategies and approaches in line with these new objectives, important questions arise about how to raise the overall quality of various mobility experiences through fostering the compatibility of these objectives and ensuring a comprehensive implementation 

On 8 September 2021, ACA and its four members with Brussels representation will organise a hybrid event Towards comprehensive mobility approaches: marrying the inclusion, sustainability and the digital agendas. This year the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills, the Flemish Higher Education Council – VLUHR International, and the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research – Czech Liaison Office for Education and Research in Brussels (DZS-CZELO) join forces to address several dilemmas together with speakers from the European Commission, other ACA members, higher education institutions and networks and student representatives: 

  • How to make international student mobility more inclusive (without increasing its carbon footprint) 
  • How to reduce the carbon footprint of physical mobility and create greener options (without excluding any remote areas or making mobility too cumbersome) 
  • How to develop good-quality digitally-enhanced opportunities that complement existing formats (without further raising their costs)?   

Check out our event page and the draft programme for more details. Registrations will open in early August.