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Rosen, A.S. Rebooting for the new talent economy. Kaplan Publishing, New York, 2011. ISBN: 978-1-60714-441-0. Pages: 240 pages.

Written by the CEO of Kaplan Inc., this book provides a look back at the history of higher education in America and the new ways it might develop in the future. The author takes on the sacred cows of traditional higher education models, and calls on the country to demand the changes necessary to build a qualified workforce and compete in a global economy.

By arguing that traditional American colleges and universities are afflicted by “Harvard envy” and there is a tendency to emphasise the college social experience over education, Andrew Rosen defends the pedagogical soundness of for-profit institutions and describes their transformative role as akin to the impact made by land-grant colleges in the 19th century and community colleges in the 20th. The book explores the drawbacks of a system of incentives that emphasise prestige and tradition, rather than access and outcomes. Kaplan publishing