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CARe: Useful resources to be shared throughout the autumn

This autumn already is and will continue to be very exciting as we are getting into the final phase of the CARe project, which aims to support researchers with a refugee background in 10 European countries. The activities involve dissemination of the project results through 11 Online Talks and publishing the country guides.

Online Talks

So far, we have conducted 4 out of 11 Online Talks focusing on France, Belgium/Flanders, Germany and Norway with Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and EU-level still to take place in the next two months. For the exact dates, please follow our social media. The Online Talks feature the main findings from CARe activities (focus groups, employer survey) and information collected for the CARe country guides on relevant support structures and initiatives for labour market integration of the target group. Each Online Talk hosts 3-4 speakers with competence and experiences in the field, to share their practice, insights and lessons learned concerning assistance to researchers from the target group. They also put forward some suggestions as to desirable support at European and national level for researchers and organisations willing to support them (employers in and outside academia, local/regional/national-level decision makers, civil society, intermediary bodies and support networks, etc.).

Country guides

While we are conducting the Online Talks, the work on the CARe country guides is in its final phase - after receiving feedback from the country experts working in relevant organisations and/or researchers with refugee background, the country guides will be available on ACA’s website, as well as on the EURAXESS portal. The guides will contain systematised relevant information on the national labour markets in the 10 project countries, with the aim of supporting researchers with refugee background in finding support, job and training opportunities in their host countries. They are developed on the basis of the findings from the focus groups and employer survey in the previous phase of the CARe project, and on experts' input for each country. The information in the country guides addresses the needs and aims to help overcome the challenges that refugee-background researchers face in seeking employment in or outside of academia. The country guides will be published by the end of October.


The Online Talks and country guides are based on the information gathered at focus groups where the project team had a chance to hear the experiences of researchers with a refugee background and the employer survey conducted among public and private institutions in the 10 target countries. Based on the findings, two reports were made along with the brief comparative report.