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CARe Project Coming to an End

With the successfully completed EU Online Talk, the Horizon2020 funded CARe project, which supports labour market integration of researchers with refugee background, is slowly coming to its official end in December 2020. Nevertheless, the connections established in the framework of the project will be strongly fostered and the project’s results will be regularly updated and disseminated in the future. 

The Online Talks provided a chance to showcase the innovative support practices that were put in place for the target group in selected European countries and to discuss the related implementation challenges. The participants shared their views and experiences with practitioners and experts working in the field. Based on these exchanges, we have presented the key lessons learnt in the final EU Online Talk. The recordings are available here. 

The EU Online Talk offered insights into the findings desribed in 10 CARe country guides, featuring relevant information on the national labour marketswhich could be of use to researchers at risk/with refugee background in finding support, job and training opportunities in their host countries.  

The CARe country guides were developed in the period May-October 2020 based on the findings from the focus groups and employer surveyconducted in the previous phase of the CARe project. The country guides address the needs of refugee-background researchers and explore possibilities to overcome specific challengesthey face in seeking employment in or outside of academia. These guiding documents were developed with the invaluable support received from the selected national experts with refugee background, and, thus, deserve reading and sharing among the colleagues.