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Canada’s new outbound mobility scheme

A USD 95 million (EUR 84 million) study and work opportunity programme for outbound students across Canada, named  Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) programme has recently been launched – following some pandemic related delays - and is expected to fund 124 projects at 56 universities and 54 colleges, catering to more than 16,000 students by 2025.

Collaboration with international partners in more than 100 countries over the next three and a half years will be supported while the programme is designed to provide access to concrete opportunities to students for skills development. Project funding will support mobility to non-traditional markets and destinations, while excluding mobility to the US, the UK, Australia, and France, that are already at the top of the most popular destinations for Canadian students.

The GSO programme will also focus on non-traditional students, primarily targeting Indigenous students, students with disabilities, students from low-income background etc. It is expected to break down financial, social and logistical barriers discouraging underrepresented students to participate in global study and work opportunities, allowing them thus to have such a transformational experience abroad.

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