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Canada Excellence Research Chairs expands to attract international talent

Earlier this month the Canadian Ministry of Science announced the launch of a new Research Chairs Programme that will attract international researchers and scholars, with a budget of CAD 117.6 million (approximately EUR 80 million) over the next 8 years. The new ’150 Research Chairs program’  launched as a highlight of country’s 150th anniversary celebrations and will be funded from resources of the flagship Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) programme. Around 25 top international researchers and expatriates will be supported to extend their knowledge in the sciences, technology, health, engineering as well as the social sciences and humanities.

CERC was created in 2000 and the annual programme expenditures of CAD 265 million (approximately EUR 180.9 million) have supported 1 700 Chair holders and helped attract and retain some of the world’s most promising minds. Chairs of the new dedicated programme, enhancing the attractiveness of Canada as a destination for ‘top talent from the world’s science and technology sector’, are anticipated to be recruited in the coming months.

Government of Canada – Press release