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CampusFrance launches new series of international career symposia

Based on the premise that a country’s attractiveness depends to a certain extent on its ability to create innovative study programmes which enhance students’ international career prospects, CampusFrance has recently launched an ambitious project to organise a series of symposia on careers for the next decade in several different countries. These conferences are planned to take place alongside major events in Washington, Toronto and Tokyo in 2008, in Brasilia and Sao Paulo in 2009 and in Shanghai in 2010.

The symposia will enable French higher education institutions to promote specific study courses and to develop their cooperation with the host countries around this theme. The corporate sector will also participate in the events. Discussions will be capitalised on from one symposium to the next in order to establish the essential academic and scientific criteria that programmes should respect in the run up to 2020 and to answer the question: What is an innovative study programme ?