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Campus France – Key Figures

Campus France. (2020) Key Figures. Publication by Campus France.  

Campus France published their annual statistical report on key figures in student mobilities worldwide. 

International student mobility worldwide continues to grow, having reached a historic high point: In 2017, 5.3 million students were enrolled in a degree program after crossing a border (up 71% over 10 years). Studying outside one’s country of origin, whether by choice or by necessity, is increasingly common, although it still involves a minority of all students (2.4% in 2017). 

 Among the main host countries, France is the fifth-leading destination for international students, after the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. For outbound student mobility, there is a slight decrease of 2% for France in comparison with 2016-2017. France is the sixth-leading country of origin of student mobility. 
For more information, please see the report.