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CALOHEE – qualifications and assessment frameworks in 5 subject areas

The consortium implementing the Measuring and Comparing Achievements of Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Europe project – or CALOHEE in short – has published this month the outcomes of the project, which aimed to determine the measurability of students’ knowledge, skills and abilities, and their comparability across European countries.
These outcomes are summed up in a set of publications (brochures) providing conceptual qualifications and assessment frameworks for five subject areas, as follows: Engineering (Civil Engineering), Social Sciences (Teacher Education), Humanities (History), Health Care (Nursing) and Natural Sciences (Physics). 
The frameworks are flexible reference documents, which aim to offer detailed insight into what students are expected to learn to be prepared well for their future role in society, both in terms of the workplace and civic, social and cultural engagement. They also aim to offer a robust basis for comparing students’ performance in European wide context. The instruments aim to allow for precise measurement, while acknowledging the different missions, orientations and profiles of higher education institutions and their study programmes.