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Call to support European cooperation in Education and Training

The European Commission is calling for proposals (EACEA/07/09) in the area of support activities for cooperation in education and training. The call is divided into two parts:

Part A - Raising national awareness of lifelong learning strategies and of European cooperation in education and training, through activities such as:

— dialogue linked to the establishment and implementation of lifelong learning strategies (such as national or regional conferences, seminars or workshops);
— establishment of fora and other activities which will contribute to better coherence and coordination in the process of establishing and implementing national lifelong learning strategies;
— dissemination of existing tools or reference material.

Part B - Support for transnational cooperation in the development and implementation of national and regional lifelong learning strategies, through activities such as:

— cooperation projects;
— studies, analyses;
— development, testing and transfer of innovative practices;
— conferences, seminars;
— actions aiming at the creation and development of networks at the regional, national and European level.

Deadline: 14 August 2009

European Commission