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Call for tenders: Evaluation of higher education entrepreneurship programmes

The general objective of this contract is to encourage the development and improve the relevance and quality of higher education entrepreneurship education programmes across European higher education institutions, thereby contributing to the development of entrepreneurial competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) across Europe.

The specific objectives are:

  • To improve the evaluation and understanding of HE entrepreneurship education programmes in view of their impact on students.
  • To propose a classification of the different types of HE entrepreneurship education programmes.
  • To develop or adapt a set of tools and a methodology for measuring the impact of HE entrepreneurship education programmes on students.
  • To test this set of tools and methodology with 100 HE entrepreneurship education programmes in 50 higher education institutions, including through student surveys.
  • To finalise the set of tools and methodology based on the results and outcomes of the testing phase and make them available through HEInnovate for use by professors and educators and other relevant stakeholders.

Estimated value of the contract
: EUR 500 000

Deadline: 26 September 2017

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