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Call for tenders: Assistance to the EC for the running, development and success of the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA), its member organisations and Regional Alumni Association

The objective of this contract is to assist the European Commission for the running, development and success of the ESAA, its member organisations and RAAs. Specifically, this includes: 
  • Providing administrative, technical, secretarial and logistical services to ESAA, two of its MOs (EMA and Oceans) and RAAs so they can contribute to the achievement of ESAA's objectives;
  • Providing strategic support and assistance in helping ESAA to evolve and have impact through engaging the MOs' volunteers in ESAA's activities, and members of the RAAs in the relevant RAA's activities and in relevant ESAA activities;
  • In the case of a new contractor, continuing from where the current contractor shall stop and taking over responsibility for the ESAA website, EMA and Oceans' websites and communities and developing activities according to evolving needs as they shall be defined by the ESAA, its MOs and RAAs themselves;
  • Facilitating the EC's access to students, alumni and their data so that they can be mobilised to support the EU's Erasmus+ promotional activities and provide advice and analysis on the implementation of the Erasmus+ programme. 
Price is not the only award criterion. Estimated value: EUR 5 000 000.00 (excluding VAT) Duration in months: 36 Deadline: 23 October 2017, 15:00  more information