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Call for tender on feasibility of a European student loan scheme

The European Commission is calling for tenders to carry out a feasibility study to examine the potential need for a student lending facility at European level. The study consists of a number of actions:

  • a review of existing student financial support, including lending provision, grants and other financial support, in EU Member States, candidate countries and EFTA countries, building on existing work in this field;
  • an assessment of the portability of such financial support, in particular examining where continued barriers to full portability exist;
  • an evaluation of the possible Community added value in developing a lending facility to complement national/regional schemes in support of mobility; and
  • an investigation of the feasibility of establishing a student lending facility at EU/EEA level.

Based upon the findings of the research, the tender should formulate proposals for the establishment of a student loan facility/scheme at European level, including the presentation of three options. For each option, case studies of how this might be implemented in a representative sample of countries (at least 5) should be included. A testing seminar should be organised with representatives of the main stakeholders and experts in the field to present the conclusions and proposals and receive feedback.

Budget:  EUR 250 000

Deadline: 23 November 2009

European Commission