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Call for proposals: SwafS-04-2016 Opening Research Organisations in the European Research Area

This topic focuses on the institutional changes needed to cope with the new interactions between Research Funding and Performing Organisations (RFPOs) and RRI stakeholders. Existing RFPOs become more “porous”, accepting inputs from what used to be seen as outsiders (extended peer review in funding agencies is an early example). There is a move towards “co-creation” (co-construction in policy and design phases; actual co-production of research organization and performance; co-evaluation of proposals, projects and programmes). Overall, at the macro-level, so-called quadruple helix formations might be emerging, RRI dimensions being an integral part of these developments.

Within the general trend, the dissemination of RRI practices varies from one discipline to another and from one country to another. Not all researchers and research policy-makers have the same knowledge and skills to adapt to these changes. In order to address these gaps specific trainings for researchers and academics (in particular young scientist during under- and post-graduate training) but also policy-makers and staff working in funding bodies, need to be supported.

Expected Impact The funded activities: -  Will enrich and improve the quality of existing training materials on RRI and open science; - Will increase general knowledge on RRI and open science practices by sharing experience across different disciplines; - Will contribute to changes in RFPOs governance settings (including institutional changes and stakeholder behaviours) that are consistent with open science and RRI. Budget: EUR 3 -3,35 Million
Deadline: 30 August 2016

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