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Call for Proposals: National Lifelong Learning Strategies (NLLS)

The objectives of the call for proposals are:

    • to support transnational co-operation in the development and implementation of coherent and comprehensive national lifelong learning strategies at both the national and regional level, covering all types and levels of learning;
    • to support the identification of the main critical factors influencing the successful putting into place of national lifelong learning strategies;
    • to exchange experiences and good practice and to jointly experiment, test and transfer innovation in relation to the development and implementation of lifelong learning strategies;
    • to ensure strong institutional commitment, coordination and partnership with all stakeholders; and
    • to implement lifelong learning strategies to achieve efficiency and equity.

Beneficiaries can exclusively be public authorities or bodies at the national or regional level who are responsible for developing and implementing coherent and comprehensive lifelong learning strategies. Applications for funding may only be made by consortia consisting of organisations from 3 or more countries.

Budget: EUR 1,5 Million

Deadline: 13 August 2008

Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency