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Call for Proposal: H2020-INT-SOCIETY-2015 – The cultural, scientific and social dimension of EU-LAC relations

Research under this topic should critically examine past and present cultural, scientific, intellectual and social exchanges between individuals, countries and regions within the wide EU-CELAC area. The cultural exchanges between EU and LAC should be studied, as for instance those brought about through long-standing migration movements between the two regions, as well as those taking place in fields such as arts, literature, sports and beyond. Scientific exchanges between EU and LAC should also be examined in an historical and forward-looking perspective and research should look at how mobility of researchers and cooperation between research institutions and laboratories can contribute to an increased understanding and cooperation between the two sides. Research could also shed light on how LAC representative groups of citizens perceive the role of Europe in their own continent and the process of European integration, more generally. The social dimension of the EU-CELAC relation should also be taken into consideration. Research could look at the impact of the EU-CELAC relation on the promotion of social cohesion in the two regions and at how different approaches to fight social exclusion and regional disparities can be successfully shared and applied to different contexts.

Proposals shall include at least three legal entities established in three different LAC countries. However, an even broader participation of international partners from the LAC countries in proposals submitted to this call is encouraged.

Deadline: 28 May 2015

Total budget: EUR 25 million

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