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Building the Anti-Racist University

S.A. Tate, P. Bagguley, Building the Anti-Racist University, 1st ed., Routledge 2018, 146 pages, ISBN: 9780367001513

In the new arena for anti-racist work in which we find ourselves, the neo-liberal, ‘post-race’ university, this interdisciplinary collection demonstrates common global political concerns about racism in Higher Education. It highlights a range of issues regarding students, academic staff and knowledge systems, and all of the contributions seek to challenge the complacency of the ‘post-race’ present that is dominant in North-West Europe and North America, Brazil’s mythical ‘racial democracy’ and South Africa’s post-apartheid ‘rainbow nation’.

The collection makes clear that we are not yet past the need for anti-racist institutional action because of the continuing impact of coloniality on and in these nations. Universities have also taken on the mantle of upholding societal ‘post-race’ status through ineffective equality and diversity policies and strategies. The collection makes the case for the urgent need to decolonise the university in ‘post-race’, neoliberal times through a focus on institutional racism in HEIs in Canada, Brazil, South Africa, the UK and the USA. As such it addresses institutional whiteness; the transformation of organisational cultures; the presence and experiences of Black people, People of Colour and Indigenous people in HEIs; the development of curriculum interventions; widening participation and organisational change; and future directions for racial equality and diversity in a ‘post-race’ era.