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British Council – Actively addressing G8 priorities of climate change and challenges of Africa

The G8 Presidency is currently with the UK Government and this year's meeting took place in Gleneagles, Scotland, 6-8 July 2005. The major issues that Tony Blair highlighted for discussion at the meeting include tackling climate change and increased aid to Africa. How is the British Council addressing these global challenges?  This article highlights the work of the British Council in some of the areas that were discussed at this year's G8 summit.

  • InterAction is a British Council initiative to generate a network of opinion formers, change agents and future leaders: men and women in sub-saharan Africa who will increasingly see the UK’s commitment to Africa in a positive light. More

  • Universal Basic Education Project, Nigeria – The project provides technical assistance at federal, state and local government levels on managing the World Bank credit for the sustaining of the Universal Basic Education programme of the Nigerian government. The effort supports development and capacity building for education managers. The project also provides support for the development of an educational database as well as HIV/AIDS awareness in states where we have a presence. More

  • Climate change: Saving water – As many a 1.2 billion people (300 million in Africa) have no access to safe and affordable drinking water. Using a ‘Tank Turtle’ saves around 0.5 litres of water each time you flush. That means that the average person can save over 2000 litres each year.  The British Council Egypt is addressing these issues which are linked with Africa and Climate change: Saving water.  Click here to learn more
For the education related outcomes of the G8 summit, please see this edition of the ACA Newsletter: G8 - Education commitments to Africa in supporting meaningful cooperation G8 News Bulletin of the British Council
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