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Bridging digital education and environmental sustainability

The European Digital Education Hub (EDEH), supported by the Erasmus+ programme and managed by a consortium led by the DAAD Brussels office, with ACA as an associated partner, focuses on improving digital education through collaboration and sharing of best practices. Angeliki Psychogyiou, ACA Policy and Project Coordinator has been leading one of the EDEH working groups on making digital education better for the environment for the past months. 

The squad has collaborated online, looking into the role of online education in the green transition. This involved exploring challenges and identifying solutions for adapting and embracing digital education for sustainability. The squad's investigation was multifaceted, examining how sustainability is integrated into the curriculum and taught through various digital education modes. A report has been produced aiming to offer insights into pedagogical practices that engage students in the topic of sustainability and the digitisation of administrative processes. By providing practical examples and a checklist for educators and administrators, the output seeks to encourage the incorporation of sustainability into digital education, aiming for a significant impact on the environmental footprint of digital technologies and administrative processes.  

Adding to the squad’s momentum, the EDEH also hosted a workshop on February 15-16 at the Learning Planet Institute in Paris, focusing on the same topic. The event brought together various stakeholders to discuss and validate the outputs of the sustainability squad's work as well as to develop ideas for raising awareness and promoting action on sustainability in digital education. The workshop served as an opportunity to exchange ideas and good practices, while also highlighting a shared dedication to incorporating sustainability into digital education.  

These initiatives represent a notable progress towards achieving a more sustainable and digitally enhanced education system in Europe. Stay tuned for the publication of the sustainability squad report later this year.