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BRICS Building Education for the Future

UNESCO, BRICS Building Education for the Future, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, Paris, 2014. ISBN 978-92-3-100047-8. Pages: 92.

In recent years, BRISCS countries (Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa) have transformed the world map of education, bringing millions into school, establishing centres of world class learning, driving innovation, and sharing expertise and knowledge. This Report showcases BRICS education systems and policies, highlighting trends in access, quality and equity and zooming in on priorities to sustain and widen the benefits of growth. Close attention is paid to trends in international engagement in education by the BRICS countries. It shows how their bilateral programmes are charting new development pathways, and suggests how their impact could be multiplied through collective action and advocacy. The new education approaches of the five countries provide valuable insights for countries across the world, building on the experience of BRICS in harnessing their domestic expertise in education to support others. 

Read the full report: UNESCO