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Boosting international students’ economic integration in Germany

In the DAAD recent position paper, an ambitious goal was set to double the number of international higher education graduates entering the German labour market every year based on a joint effort of policymakers, universities, and business. This number is set to increase to at least 50,000 international students by 2030.

DAAD presented 10 recommendations leading towards this goal including:

  • Facilitated access to the German higher education system for international students
  • Simplified, fast-track visa procedures
  • Long-term, fair migration partnerships based on intergovernmental agreements
  • Languages skills improvement
  • Support to the transition from higher education to the labour market
  • Training opportunities for international students and refugee students.

At the European level, the DAAD position paper aligns well with the European Commission’s Talent Partnerships policy framework aiming at overcoming skills shortages in the EU and enhancing strategic migration cooperation with partner countries. The proposed recommendations also tie in with the initiatives introduced in the context of the European Year of Skills 2023 kicking-off on 9 May 2023.

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