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Bologna with student eyes

ESIB - The national unions of students in Europe. Bologna through student eyes 2007 edition. London, UK (May 2007). Editing: Bologna Process Committee 2005 - 2007 (Anne Mikkola, Bruno Carapinha, Colin Tück, Daith? Mac S?thigh, Nina Gustafsson Åberg, Sanja Brus). Pages: 70. The National Union of Students in Europe (ESIB) recently presented its report ‘Bologna With Student Eyes’ to the European Ministers of Education at the Bologna follow- meeting in London on 17-18 May. The report is a compilation of data on the implementation of the Bologna Process across signatory countries (36 were investigated) and provides some criticism of the practical implementation of Bologna at this point. The authors claim that many reforms, such as the European credit system (ECTS), student grant and loan provision, and specifically the social aspects of the Bologna Process are only being realised on a superficial level. The report concludes that the social dimensions of Bologna- providing access to mobility for all students- has much to be desired. ESIB