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Birds eye: The release of 2022 statistical reports

Two flagship statistical reports in the field of (higher) education were released in October.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has published Education at a glance 2022: OECD indicators. This annual publication provides data on the state of education systems across OECD countries including their structure, finances and performance. The 2022 edition focuses on tertiary education, looking at the rise of tertiary attainment and the associated benefits for individuals and for societies. It also considers the costs of tertiary education and how spending on education is divided across levels of government and between the state and individuals. A summary of the findings on tertiary education is available as a separate publication Spotlight on Tertiary Education: Findings from Education at a Glance 2022.

This year’s OECD report established that international student mobility has been expanding consistently over the past two decades, with 6.4 million students worldwide who have crossed a border to study, more than twice the number in 2007. On the inclusion front, tertiary completion rates are subject to  biggest challenges, especially for students whose parents did not complete upper secondary education.

Jointly issued by the DAAD and the DZHW, the 22nd edition of Wissenschaft weltoffen explores the repercussions of the global pandemic for the international mobility of students and teachers. Special emphasis is placed on the following spotlight topics:

  • The development of international student mobility in the key host countries around the world during the first year of the pandemic
  • The evolving number of international students in Germany in 2021
  • Changes in the degree-related international mobility of German students in major host countries during the first year of the pandemic
  • The success and withdrawal of international students in Germany.
  • The employment situation and quantitative development of international doctoral students at German universities based on the DZHW’s National Academics Panel Study (Nacaps).

The Wissenschaft weltoffen website has been further enriched with content and will shortly offer an interactive tool for the analysis and evaluation of international student mobility to enable users to customise data representations and data export.

More information: DAAD press release (in German)