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Austrians promote gender equality

The Austrian Government is planning to introduce a women quota on the university governing boards. According to the proposal, 40 per cent of the board members should be female. Among the current governing boards, nominated in January, the share of women is around 26 per cent and eight boards do not have any female members. In Austria today, 55 per cent of first-year students are female. Of assistants only 33 percent and of professors a mere 15 per cent are women. Furthermore, there is only one female university Rector in Austria. The Austrian Minister for Women, Media and Public Service Doris Bures hopes that the women quota will open more careers for women and increase gender equality in university top functions. Even though the Government is trying to support gender equality, the Austrian women seem to prefer traditional gender roles. According to a 2003 survey by the Agency Group FCB, almost 40 per cent of Austrian women consider the role of a housewife and a mother as ideal. Only 9 per cent expressed an interest in a professional career over family life. Austrian Government (in German)
FCB Study (in German)