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Austria and Finland announce plans for 2006 EU Presidencies

In preparation for the Austrian and Finnish Presidencies of the EU in 2006, a joint draft operational programme of the Council has pointed at finalising a number of actions in the field of education:

  • The Joint Interim Report on Education and Training 2010 will be finalised in the first half of 2006. Both Presidencies will aim to enhance the strategic objectives of the process looking at both the quality and access to education.
  • The Presidencies will enhance European cooperation in the field of vocational education and training. The second half of 2006 will see conclusions on vocational education and training with the Finnish Presidency organising a follow up conference in December 2006.
  • The European Quality Charter for Mobility will be finally adopted and both Presidencies will work on the European Indicator of Language Competence and the European Qualifications Framework.

Depending on Commission preparations, a possible item on the Council agenda will be a recommendation on the quality of teacher training.

Draft Operational Programme of the Council for 2006