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Australian Vice-Chancellors travel abroad to further higher education – Coming to Europe in July 2005

In recent months the Australian Vice-Chancellor's Committee (AVCC) has travelled abroad and met with counterpart organisations in Latin America and Japan as part of its commitment to internationalising higher education.  The AVCC will visit Europe in July 2005.

Japan - In Aichi, Japan on Monday 6 June the AVCC hosted the Australia-Japan Higher Education Roundtable at World Expo, as part of Australia’s contribution to Education Week at the event. AVCC Chief Executive Officer John Mullarvey said that the Roundtable was the perfect forum for Australian Vice-Chancellors and their counterparts, Japanese Presidents to engage over matters of interest to higher education.

Latin America - Mr Mullarvey said that the delegation to Latin America provided Australian universities with the forum to establish linkages whereby students and staff from both Australian and Latin American countries had the opportunity to increase participation in student exchanges and study abroad initiatives. During the visit, quality assurance programs and future research collaborations were also topics of great interest. Following the success of the Australian delegation to both Latin America and Japan the AVCC will be hosting the sister organisations in Australia in 2006 to continue the dialogue engaged in 2005.

Europe - During July 2005 the AVCC will undertake its third high level delegation and visit a number of European countries.  Meetings with the Danish, Austrian, Dutch and German Rector's Conferences, as well as the European University Association have been set to discuss developments within respective countries related to higher education, the Bologna process and its impact on Australia, ways in which Australia can further engage with European countries, as well as outlining processes of quality assurance, university governance and funding. 

Australian universities, through the AVCC, are committed to both the provision of quality education programs in Australia and overseas and to establishing links and relationships with counterpart organisations and universities in the pursuit of furthering higher education around the world.

Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee (AV-CC)