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Atlantis programme

The European Commission has published a second call for proposals for the relatively young Atlantis programme (Actions for transatlantic links and academic networks in training and integrated studies). The general objective of the call for proposals is to promote better understanding and interaction between the people of the EU Member States and of the US, including a broader knowledge of their languages, cultures and institutions, and to improve the quality of higher education and vocational education and training. The programme will support three areas of cooperation:
  • transatlantic degree consortia projects;
  • excellence mobility projects aimed at improving the curriculum of degree programmes through transatlantic cooperation;
  • policy oriented measures designed to enhance collaboration in higher education between transatlantic partners.
Deadline for applications: no later than 31 May 2007 Budget: 4.2 million EUR. The Commission will fund European consortia partners whereas US partners will be funded by the US Department of Education. Atlantis call for proposal