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Asia-Link 2006

The Asia-Link Programme is launching its fifth call for proposals for projects that address one or more of the following areas: Human Resources Development; Curriculum Development and Institutions & Systems Development. This year’s call places extra emphasis on the third category of project, which supports projects that address areas of university administration and networking.

Main differences in relation to the 2005 call for proposals:

  • Wider European coverage. With the adoption by the Commission of two new regulations on the ‘Untying of Aid’ (28 December 2005), the Asia-Link programme now also includes Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, FYRoM and Turkey.
  • Newly eligible country in Asia. Higher education institutions from Myanmar are eligible to apply to the Asia-Link Programme. Myanmar is also a LDC.
  • Partnership requirements. The minimum size of the partnership remains four: two European institutions from different countries and two Asian institutions from different countries.

Deadline: 19th October 2006

Asia-Link programme