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ASEM Education Secretariat to be set up at DAAD

The second ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Education Ministers’ conference in Hanoi, Vietnam has resulted in the establishment of a rotating ASEM Education Secretariat to ensure effective coordination and sustainable progress of the ASEM process. The Secretariat will be set up at the DAAD in Bonn for the first four-year cycle. It will then be transferred to an Asian partner country. The ASEM Education Secretariat will coordinate ASEM educational activities, organise ASEM ministerial meetings, and facilitate the implementation of output-oriented initiatives that contribute to educational policy development and practice. ASEM is an informal process of dialogue and cooperation bringing together the 27 EU member countries, the European Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat with its 16 Asian countries. In line with the first ASEM Education Ministers meeting in Berlin (see ACA Newsletter – Education Europe, May 2008), the discussion of the second meeting focused on strengthening cooperation in higher education, by forging strategic partnerships for quality assurance, credit recognition and transfer in ASEM countries. ASEM
German Ministry of Education