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Applause for China’s two systems of education and their relations with Europe. And, again, What’s New in Brussels?

High officials and scholars from China and Hong Kong together with European policymakers and practitioners deeply involved in the making of Europe-China academic relations had a round of vivid discussions with the enthusiastic participants in the 35th ACA European Policy Seminar. Over 100 participants, many of whom are China experts themselves, turned up at the event on 7 December 2012 despite the disruptive first snow in Brussels. The seminar was a timely occasion for the exchange of new information, professional know-how and inspiring thoughts on higher education cooperation between the European Union and China, especially at the juncture of major changes on both ends. It was also a well-attended event, bringing together speakers and participants with a shared goal in developing academic relations between Europe, China and its Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The seminar was a one-day event, as usual. The eight hours of people-to-people contact, though short, were thoroughly enjoyed by the participants and speakers alike. As we are well aware of the fact that an event without participants is a sad event, we wish to thank all the participants and speakers for making the seminar a happy one. Additionally, we must also thank the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels for its support that enabled us to reach out to the best possible speakers in the Greater China region.

ACA organises four policy seminars each year. On 24 January 2013, the first gathering of the year will, again, be What’s News in Brussels? This seminar will discuss the latest developments in European policies and programmes including, but not limited to, the proposed Erasmus for All and Horizon 2020, the Bologna mobility strategy, and issues for the European Commission’s upcoming “internationalisation communication”. It goes without saying that ACA only brings you the best speakers who do not only have something to say, but say it very well.

Seats in this hallmark seminar go particularly fast. We highly recommend an early registration before 8 January 2013 (Tuesday).

ACA Seminar – What’s new in Brussels