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Another What’s new in Brussels? kick-started 2017

Just like every year, ACA’s What’s new in Brussels? seminar marked the beginning of a new season of ACA European Policy Seminars. And just like every year, ACA’s flagship seminar focused on the developments in European programmes and policies relevant for the higher education community. To mark several anniversaries and the mid-term evaluation of Erasmus+, ACA invited colleagues from relevant stakeholder organisations to present their views and experiences on pertinent developments in European higher education. 

The programme comprised a mix of plenary and parallel, smaller-group sessions. During plenary sessions the audience had the opportunity to hear a variety of perspectives on the Erasmus+ review, to traverse through the 30 years of Erasmus and 20 years of Marie-Sklodowska Curie Actions, and to hear more about the developments concerning the new Skills Agenda for Europe. Parallel session were dedicated to specific key actions under Erasmus+ and the speakers, coming from the European Commission, national agencies, universities and NGOs, offered a look into their activities as programme administrators and beneficiaries.

We thank all the speakers and participants for being with us on 2 February and invite you to save the date for ACA’s upcoming European Policy Seminar - The Future of Internationalisation in a world of populism, isolationism, and increased tension. Timely and as relevant as ever, the event will be devoted to the impact of Donald Trump, of the Brexit and of the rise of populism and isolationism more generally on internationalisation of higher education. We look forward to seeing you in Brussels on 30 March!