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Another two successful ACA Seminars in October

October has seen two more successful ACA events: on 28 October, some 45 delegates, all of them directors and senior staff from organisations and agencies dealing with the internationalisation of European higher education, took part in an on-invitation seminar addressing the interface of European and national programmes in higher education. The seminar took place in Bratislava and it was co-organised with ACA’s Slovak members SAIA (Slovak Academic Information Agency) and SAAIC (Slovak Academic Association for International Co-operation). The event compared and analysed the policy objectives of European and national programmes in higher education; their structural principles and the different activities they support as well as their quantitative performance and delivery modes.  The keynote address was delivered by European Commissioner Jan Figel. The Commissioner thanked ACA for its engagement and said that the association's work was "highly valuable for the policies and reforms we try to define." Earlier in the month, on 13 October, 90 delegates came to Brussels for ACA’s third European Policy Seminar of the year. The event dealt with cooperation in higher education between Europe and Latin America, and was the second in a series of seminars addressing cooperation with other world regions. Different themes around higher education and internationalisation in Latin America were addressed, as well as European programmes and policies towards Latin America and projects focusing on this region. Presenters and participants agreed on the necessity of a shift towards a genuine two-ways exchange, and a cooperation with (instead of towards) Latin America, through, for instance, a Fulbright-type programme designed for cooperation between Europe and other world regions.