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Annual report on sexism in Higher education in France: a focus on Engineer schools.

Since January 2017, the Haut Conseil à l’Égalité (HCE) in France publishes an annual report on sexism in the country. One part of the 2020 report is focused on sexism in higher education, particularly in top-ranking higher education establishments.
The report notes a number of positive developments, underlining there is a real effort from higher education institutions to fight against sexual and sexist violence. This is attested by the creation of listening and advice units in all universities, as well as by the set objective to reach 40% of women in scientific fields of higher education. However, the Council also notes a worrying form of institutionalisation of sexism in top-ranking higher education establishments, most notably schools of engineering.

The HCE makes recommendations to French higher education institutions regarding scientific fields, as well as for the leadership of said institutions, that is predominantly male.

The report is available online in PDF form with developments in higher education being covered from page 65.

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