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An update from the ENIS network

It’s been a busy spring for the ENIS network, which has been growing since its launch in October 2021, and now brings together over 200 researchers, practitioners and stakeholders to exchange on topical issues related to International Student Mobility (ISM), with support from the COST Action.

A first podcast was released, in which Dr Christof Van Mol – Assistant Professor at Tilburg University and the Action Chair of the network – rewinds, in conversation with Dr Anita Kéri, Lecturer at the University of Szeged, on how the idea of the network came about and what are the main gaps that the members of the network are trying to fill by enhancing connections between research and practice through joint work in this central area of international education.

Four webinars were also organised in this period by four of the Working Groups, with the fifth webinar scheduled to take place in June. Related information, presentations and recordings are accessible via the network’s website.

A first face-to-face meeting was also warmly hosted by Dr Thais França, Invited Assistant Professor at CIES – ISCTE, and ENIS Grant Awarding Coordinator in Lisbon, on 16-17 May.

The gathering brought together the network members in coordination roles (including Irina Ferencz of the ACA Secretariat, who co-leads with Dr Cosmin Nada, Research fellow at the University of Porto, the WG5 – Connecting Research and Practice) as well as ENIS members that are centrally involved in conducting systematic reviews on Covid-19 related questions and general reviews in the four thematic areas covered by the network – global flows and trends, social inequalities, integration of international students, and impact on graduates’ careers. The first series of systematic reviews will be completed by the end of 2022.