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An Evaluation of International Degree Programmes in Finland

FINHEEC. An Evaluation of International Degree Programmes in Finland. The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council, 2013. Pages: 108.

This report, published by an international evaluation team set up by the Finnish Higher Education Council, analyses international degree programmes (IDP) in Finland, showing that internationalisation is part of all Finnish higher education institutions. The team draws four conclusions: (1) IDPs are seen as an important instrument for reaching the objectives of institutional internationalisation; (2) IDP student bodies are diverse, and should thus not be treated as a homogenous group; (3) Finnish IDP managers are very satisfied with the quality of the teachers and students in the IDPs; and (4) IDPs do not differ significantly from regular degree programmes. Based on these conclusions, the evaluation team makes several recommendations, regarding the size of IDPs, alumni networks and surveys, cooperation between teacher and support staff, quality boards and more.