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American universities in a global market

Clotfelter, C. (Ed.)  American Universities in a Global Market.  Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2010.  ISBN: 978-0-226110-44-8.  Pages: 512.

With various reports showing shifts in international student data and increasingly competitive educational options abroad, many in the US have been left with a sense of decline in the stature of American higher education in the global marketplace.  In response to this trend, Charles Clotfelter, a professor at Duke University, has compiled various issues and perspectives into this new work, which approaches the question strictly from an economist’s point of view.  Growing out of a discussion at the 2008 conference of the US’National Bureau of Economic Research, American Universities in a Global Market examines issues of concern for American higher education, namely international student flows, off-shore operations, and the shortage of Americans in the STEM fields.  Also, the work examines the unique elements of American higher education that are now being implemented elsewhere in the world, with particular attention paid to how the expansion and democratization of higher education elsewhere in the world could effect universities in the US.  Clotfelter’s work is available through the University of Chicago Press.

University of Chicago Press