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“All for one” for education

The Dutch higher education landscape is one association richer with the establishment of Stichting van het Onderwijs, the Foundation of Education. This foundation, however, is to become the ultimate platform bringing together all social partners and stakeholders in the field. This initiative is derived from an advice dating back to 2007, where a report first pointed out the fragmentation of organisations representing the education sector. The Stichting aims to advance their impact by providing a unified voice. The new foundation is entrusted with the organisation of one or two strategic consultations per year between the representatives of the education field and the Ministry. The purpose of the gatherings is to tackle overreaching issues, linking education matters to wider socio-economic concerns.

The Stichting van het Onderwijs is born under the presidency of Sijbolt Noorda, who is also the president of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU). The foundation has selected three themes for its first agenda: “every talent counts”, “education is good for us”, and “education deserves its own, specific organisation culture”.

Ministry of Science, Education and Culture Stichting van het Onderwijs